Thursday, August 12, 2010

Color Psychology

Have you ever walked into a room and thought, "I want to leave, but I don't know why".  That can happen when the wrong color is used in a space.  We are going to help you avoid this.

To begin we want to find out what your favorite paint color is or the color that you want to use in a room, but are a bit worried about using.  Then we will take the most popular comments and "answer" the them in our next color post.

We are EXCITED to hear your imput!  So, leave your comment and we could be discussing it the next time you read!  Hear from you soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Website Makeover

Hi Everyone!

We want to thank you for your support during our website makeover.  There will be a brand new post next week after all the major renovations have been completed.  It will be great, so you won't want to miss it.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Room in a Magazine!

We are extremely excited for our post today!  Any feedback from our readers is appreciated.  We want to know what you think about our newest posts.  So, make sure and leave a comment about your favorite piece of information shared!

The room that was chosen by our readers is room "A".

This room has a ton of awesome features and offers an excellent contemporary look.  Today, we are going to answer three important questions.  Which will help you achieve the look and feel of this room in your own home!

 Question number one:  What aspects make it clearly a contemporary style?

Answer:  Let's break the room down into two individual elements.  The first feature that catches the eye are the cleanlines of the cieling, furniture, and cabinentry.  Cleanlines are typical of the contemporary style.

The decor offers a modern feeling as well.  Not only do the accessories have cleanlines, but they are simple.  Even though they are simple they have class and aren't junk. The contempory style is clean and uncluttered.

Question number two: What makes it flow and harmonize so well?

Answer: The furniture isn't obstructing the walkways.  So many times we focus souly on the look and forget about function.  Function is key in making your room flow and harmonize.

 The surfaces aren't cluttered with stuff.  There is an apmle amount of decor to make the room feel homey and designed, but there isn't so much that it is suffocating.

 Question number three: How did they make the room appear light and airy?

Answer: The designers chose a bright, light color and used it multiple places in the space.  On the cabinents, ceiling, light fixture, table, and walls.  Now all white isn't for everyone, but use the same concept of applying light reflecting colors (not black) throughout your space.  By doing so, it brightens the room.

The other features they took advantages of, are the windows.  Utilizing that natural light allows it to be bright and airy without needing to add extra lighting.  This was accomplished by using minimal window coverings.  Such as blinds or blinds paired with light drapery panels or a valance.

Now take your favorite tidbits and incorporate them into your space, so you can love your room too.  Also, don't forget about letting us know what your favorite part of the article is.  As design lovers we always want to share, right?  We are excited to hear from you! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sign In

Sign in to vote

We want to THANK our readers for bringing an issue to our attention.  Something we didn't realize was that to leave your vote in the survey you needed to sign in to your blogger acount.

If you don't already have a blogger account, don't fre.  It is easy to create one.  To start the process Click here and it will take you to the sign up page.  After that it is just a couple of steps.  Then you can come leave your opion in our poll.

Readers THANK YOU for helping us out!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't forget to vote!!

There are two days left to vote for your favorite room!  Let you opinion be heard.  We added a survey on the right hand side, at the top.  Don't wait, choose your favorite now!!!

Room A

Room B

Friday, July 16, 2010

Extra give away!!!

We are giving away an extra design service and one sign up to our seminar ($25 value), this month. 

There was a technical glitch with the seminar and drawing entry forms, on our website.  When they were filled out the information was lost in cyberspace. If you filled out either one of them we would appreciate it if you would fill them out again.

Due to this inconvenience we are are giving away an extra service and one sign up to our seminar. Thank you for your support! Don't forget to fill out the forms for your chance to win!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Give us your opinion and check out our new blog layout!!!

With all of the awesome design out there we wanted to hone in on some of the aspects you are most interested in.  To do that, we have created a new blog layout.  We also wanted to make it more interactive, so we will be asking for your opinion and hope that everyone will participate.  Below is our new monthly schedule.

First Thursday: Decor Tip- Can range anywhere from wall decor, accessories, lamps, windows, accessory arrangement, really anything decor.

Second Thursday: Color Psychology - We will discuss how different colors make you feel and what rooms certain colors are best used in.

Third Thursday : Outfit to Room:  Many of us pull an outfit out of the closet or see one in a magazine and say "that is my style."  But, then we are left baffled at how to create a room in the style of an outfit.  We will help with the translation of outfit style to room style. 

Fourth Thursday: Room in a Magazine - You love looking at pictures in design magazine, but have no idea why all of the elements work together, what style it is, or how a room was made to have a certain feel (romantic, casual, formal).  We will dissect different aspects of rooms featured in magazines, so that you can recreate it at home.

Fifth Thursday: This will be a by week most of the time.  But, if we find a design issue that you are wanting to know about, and doesn't fall into one of the other categories, this is the week it will be featured. 

In preparation for next weeks blog entry we need your help.  Here are two rooms featured in design magazines.  In the comments please let us know which room you like best, "A" or "B".



We have archived the images and not sure which magazines they are from. But, we are not taking credit for their design or the photography.

Thank you everyone for your support and we are extremely excited for our new layout.  Let us know what you think!