Thursday, June 17, 2010

Windows Part 2: Types of window coverings

Last week we talked about basic reasons windows get ignored. This week we are discussing the different types of window coverings.  This way you can decide which one is right for you.

Blinds are the first window coverings that come to every bodies mind and for good reason.  The right set of blinds can enhance the look of a room and properly keep light and peering eyes out.  It can do all of this for a reasonable price.

 Now the least expensive blinds are the thin vinyl or aluminum ones.  We do not recommend these.  They don't look as aesthetically pleasing, not as much light is kept out, and the slats break more easily.  Our recommendation is faux wood.  They are heavier, much more eye catching, higher quality, and won't break your budget like real wood will.

Whether you decide to go with faux or real wood blinds, keep in mind, you most likely will still want to add a window treatment.  Such as a valance or drapes.  Window treatment will be covered in next weeks post.

There are variety of places you can purchase blinds.  Lowes, Home Depot, many department store, and many online stores.  The blinds pictured at the right are from

When purchasing blinds it is important to measure correctly.  There is so much information when it comes to measuring for blinds; we have found two great websites that have step by step lists on how to measure for blinds. No Brainer Blinds and Lowes.

Roman Shades are another covering options.  These are shades that are hung like blinds, but are made out of fabric.  They add that bit of style and a little more color and pop to a room.  Many times with roman shades you don't need window treatments, like drapes, but sometimes they can enhance the shades. 

We had a client email us this HGTV video about window treatments and it specifically talks about roman shades.  It gives an awesome idea on adding drapery panels to windows with roman shades. 

Shutters, the last type of covering we are going to talk about, today.  There are two type of shutters: traditional and plantation.  Traditional shutters give a traditional feelings and plantation shutters offer a country undertone.  Theye have many differences, so take a look at this link.  It will help you decide which is best for you.
They can be used in any room.  Shutters come in all sizes for a variety of window shapes and styles.  When shutters are used, typically a window treatment is not added.  They make an awesome statement by themselves and don't need any type of drapes to help them out.

This video by TheCaliforniaCo gives awesome instructions on how to measure for inteior shutters

These are the three most popular types of window coverings.  There are many other types available, but most of them are variations of these three.

Remember blinds are the most versatile, but that shutters and roman shade can add that extra pop of style.  Always measure correctly, or you will have much chaos when you get the coverings home and they don't fit.  Never be afraid to spice up your windows with a new type of covering.  You will be amazed at your rooms transformation.

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