Thursday, July 8, 2010

Windows Part 6: Drapery's

For those of you that have been following our windows series, we are on the last installment. Today's post is all about drapery's.  We are going to help you decide what drapery is right for you. 

To decide if drapery panels are for you, ask yourself these questions.  First, how much room do you have on either side of your window?  If there isn't enough room on sides of the windows, panels won't fit.  Second, is obstructing the light coming from the window an issue?  If blocking any of the light is any issue than you won't be happy with drapes. Last, is it a safety hazard?  Such as above a stove where it could start a fire.  If you do have enough room, blocking some light is okay, and it isn't a safety hazard, than it is time to decide what type of drapery panels you need.  

First, do you want functional or stationary panels.  If all you need are the panels for the look and don't need them to keep out light or peeping eyes, then save some money, do a stationary panel.  A stationary panel is one that stays drawn to the side of the window the whole time.  It gives you the look without spending money on un-needed fabric.

Second, do you need full length panels or short panels.  If it is above a kitchen sink, in a bathroom shower, or where small children might get hurt or break the panels, then short panels would be the ones to go with.  But, if there are none of the above concerns, than full length panels would work great.

Now, once the length has been chosen you need to decide whether you will have a tie back or if they will hang straight, when drawn open.  It really depends on the look you want.  Tie backs can look more traditional, where hanging straight can be more contemporary. 

Last, the style of your panels.  What most effects the style is the fabric and trim chosen, but also take the finish at the top into consideration.  Is it going to be a gusset (a pocket you put the rod through), pleated, rings clipped to the top, or tabs added.  Gussets and pleats are more traditional, rings more contemporary, and tabs country. 

Don't forget when choosing drapery panels to select the ones right for you.  Remember the panels don't have to be functional if it isn't necessary. Having stationary panels can save you money.  Make sure they aren't going to create a saftey hazard and they are a style you will enjoy long term.  

There is a ton of information on selecting drapery's and we can't fit it all into the post. We found this article by Southern Accents that gives more detail on some of the points we have discussed. Check it out.

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