Friday, April 2, 2010

Tile Backsplash

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Have you ever wanted to make a design change to your kitchen, but a full remodel was out of the question. Good news, you don't have to do a full remodel to make a great looking design change to your kitchen. A new tile backsplash can do the trick at a much lower cost.

One wonderful thing about tile backsplashes is you can custom design it to fit your style. The only limitation is your budget. The other great part is you can hire a third party to install it or your can do-it-yourself.

When deciding on your backsplash design:

-First, decide how high you want the backsplash to go. Majority of the time they go from top of counter to bottom of cupboard, but they don't have to.

-If doing it yourself take thorough measurements of the backsplash area and calculate amount of tile needed before going to purchase it. This way you don't get home and realize you didn't purchase enough. To calculate the amount of tile you will need take length (in inches) times height (in inches), divide by 12, and then divide by 12 again. This gives you the area in square feet.

-Third, draw the design of your backsplash to scale. Decide what tiles you are going to use. Square, rectangle, rhombus, or circular. This way you know the amount of each tile type you need and if the tiles you want to use will fit in the space available.

-Last, look at your design and take into consideration the color and style of the tiles and be sure they fit the style of you kitchen. You don't want to complete the project and then realize it clashes with the rest of the space.

-For some more basic tile backsplash information check out this do-it-yourself website.

Here are some backsplash examples from a variety of design websites.
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Remember when deciding on a tile backsplash the skies the limits. You can either hire a third party to install it or you can do-it-yourself. If you decide to install it you can pick up a book on installing tile at your local hardware or bookstore. When your done don't forget to sit back and enjoy the finished project. I promise it will be worth all of the work.

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