Thursday, March 18, 2010

Headboards...A crucial element for the design of your bedroom

Headboards are a key element to giving your bedroom that finished look. But, where to find that perfect one and what to do if you can't find that ideal headboard.

There are many resources where you can start your search for your headboard. Listed below are a few places to begin.

When looking for that perfect headboard make sure you don't end up with buyers remorse by asking yourself these question.

What is the headboard made out of?

Is it a quality material?
The type of material you want is determined by how long you want the headboard to last. If you only want it to last a year or two than a lesser quality product would fit your needs. Where if you are wanting to last for a longer period of time a higher quality material would be best.

Will the headboard fit your bed and in the available space?
It is always best to check this before purchasing, otherwise you could be disappointed when you get it home.

Is it the perfect headboard (or sometimes, as close as you can come to perfect)?
When asking yourself this question think about whether it fits the style of the room and if it harmonizes with the other colors and finishes in space.

For more hints on choosing a headboard look at this Southern Accents article. It discusses what size your headboard should be and benefits of headboard slipcovers.

After going through all of your headboard resources if you still can't find a headboard that fits your style or price point, or both you can have one custom made. Or if you are looking for a project you can create one yourself. It does take a little time, but you can get exactly what you want.

Here are a few of my favorite do-it-yourself headboard ideas:

Better Homes and Garden shows this idea where they took two windows, spiced them up, and used them as a headboard.

This Better Homes and Garden headboard offers a more romantic style.

Then this  Better Homes and Garden headboard idea discusses how to make your own upholstered headboard. also offers tips on how to create a three-sided upholstered headboard.  

Remember when are looking for a headboard to ask the right questions so you don't have buyers remorse.  Also, if you can't find it in stores or online there are many options to have one specially made (by a third party or yourself) to get that ideal headboard.

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