Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bathroom remodeling-Simple to Complicated

Do you hate moving, but want a change? Here is a solution. Remodeling. Today it is all about bathrooms.

You say the word remodel and your husband (or wife for some) goes running for the hills. Here is some good news, remodeling doesn't have to be a horrible experience. The great thing about it is you get to choose how big or small the project is.

For your bathroom here are ideas that range from small to large projects.

-Changing your mirror from the “normal” bathroom mirror to one that is in a frame and hang it above the vanity. Ikea, Pottery Barn, and Pier 1 are just a few of the stores that have some awesome framed mirrors.

-Replacing your counter top and sink. Sometimes updating your counter top and sink can be that needed change.

-Painting your bathroom. A fresh coat of paint and possibly a new color does wonders for your space.

-On a larger scale replacing the flooring. A great bathroom flooring product is tile. There is a large variety to fit all styles. When putting tile in your bathroom make sure to choose one that is made for bathroom flooring. Otherwise there is a greater risk of people slipping and falling when it is wet.

-Then there is the full bathroom remodel. Changing the shower walls, possibly to cultured marble or tile. Replacing the cabinetry, counter top, sink, and flooring.

For more bathroom remodeling ideas check out this House Beautiful link.

Remember remodeling your bathroom doesn't have to be a horrible experience. It can range from simple to complicated. You choose which works for you.

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