Thursday, May 27, 2010

Treasure or Trash....

Garage sale season is here once again. For those that like to frequent them, treasures can be found. But, as many find out, more trash is discoverd than treasure. Sadly we don't realize it is junk until we have spent the money and have gotten it home. To help avoid "garage sale remorse" take a look at the checklist below.

We have compiled a checklist that can be taken to any garage sale, to help identify what is trash and what is treasure. The first four topics are from the Family Circle magazine. The last two are items are ones we added.

* Priceless antique: Unless you are quite knowledgeable about the antique world, don't buy items marked "priceless antique". Most of the time they aren't antiques

*Work in progress: If the item is something that needs to be refinished, fixed, etc. don't buy it unless you already have the skill to fix it. If you don't already have the skill needed, it will most likely sit on a shelf in your garage. Never to be seen again.

*Does it work: Before you buy a lamp or any electronic item ask if there is an outlet you can plug it into. You don't want to get it home and to find out it doesn't work.

*Clean or Dirty: When buying furniture of any sort check for bedbugs. Look along the seams for black specs (this is the bedbugs droppings). If you see evidence of bedbugs don't buy the furniture. After inspection if you don't see evidence of bedbugs, before taking it in your house spray it with bedbug spray. This helps kill them.

*Sturdy: Before buying furniture make sure it isn't about to fall apart. No one wants to spend money on an item that is about to break.

*Gem buried in time: If you see a furniture piece, lamp, or anything else that looks like it has an inkling of hope check it for layers of paint. Sometimes wonderful pieces of furniture or decor have been painted so many times there true beauty is hidden. But, when doing this remember the "Work in Progress" rule.

Remember when looking for those treasures, make sure they are actual treasure before taking them home. There is nothing worse than spending money on an item, getting excited about it, and then taking it home and realizing it isn't what it seemed to be. Avoid "garage sale remorse" by taking this check list with you.

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