Thursday, February 4, 2010

Organization...Key to good design!

Ruzicka, Carol.  House Beautiful Magazine, 02 February 2010

A piece of design that often gets neglected is organization. It can effect all design aspects of your home. If things looked cluttered and not put together you will continually be frustrated with the look of your space and wonder why it doesn't feel harmonious.


To remedy this problem you will want to start by looking at your available space.  For many that do not have an abundance of closets and storage rooms, decorative containers and shelving are the solution.


Another solutions is to let some items you would normally store in a cupboard show. In a bathroom, putting your towels on an open shelf makes it a functional accessory. Or in a kitchen, displaying your pasta in glass containers when no cupboard space is free, makes food, décor.

A third remedy is using decorative boxes and chests. This is a great way to accessorize shelves and hide the clutter. All of those photos that need to be stored, but you don't have free cupboard space, organize them in a stylish box and display on a shelf. Or those pesky keys and miscellaneous items that get left on the kitchen counter, hide them in a designer bowl.

As you are organizing remember to use the right solution for the job. Not everything is display worthy, so only choose your best items to display in open containers.  Don't let yourself get carried away and end up with the cluttered look.

Organization is so key to good design House Beautiful magazine has many articles dedicated to it. My favorite is the article Organizing Your Living Room. Click on this link to check it and others out:

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