Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is your style?

Over the last while we have talked about color, accessories, and more. But, you might be wondering how to make decisions in any of those areas if you don't know your style. So, this week is all about what the different design styles are.

Start by taking this quiz at the Your Harmony Design Forms site. Included with the quiz is a key, so that you can determine which design style most fits you.  But, as always if you have questions don't hesitate to contact me.  Also, after you determine your style take the poll at the right so we can see what the most popular style is. 

Four major design styles:


Contemporary: Is a transitional style between modern and traditional. It is when one doesn't want all of the curves of classical design, but also doesn't want everything to be straight lines. To the left is a great example of a contemporary or transitional bedding set. For another example of contemporary design check out this HGTV link.

Traditional: Is a more formal or classical style. Furniture has curved elements to it and at times has a more antique look. This Thomasville dining chair, at the left, is a prime example of traditional furniture. Here is another link to an example of good traditional design, at HGTV.

Country: Is a more relaxed style or sometimes the word rustic comes to mind. Though rustic is not always the case.  One might think of large sunflowers and bright cheery colors, such as red and yellow. To the left is a perfect example of a country style bedroom.  For another example of a country style room check out this HGTV link.

Eclectic: Is a style that is a combination of two of the above design styles. Pictured at the left is a Pottery Barn console table, which is more traditional, but has contemporary décor accessorizing and is a wonderful example of eclectic design. For another example of great eclectic design check out this HGTV link.

Now that you have a better understadning of what your style is, don't be afraid to embrace it. Don't worry if at times you are all one style and another time you are more ecletic. As long as your furniture, colors, accessories, etc. harmonize then your space will have a professional look with a personal touch.

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