Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspiration and where to find it

Here you are wanting to make changes to your home interiors, but the perfect idea hasn't come to you yet. It leaves you wondering where to find that inspiration needed for your space. Finding a creative starting point can be the hardest part of designing a room, but man once you do, the idea takes off at lightning speed.

One place I like to look is my favorite piece of furniture, accessory, or art piece that is in the space and use it as a jumping point. Recently I was helping a client with accessories for her living room. I asked if she had an idea of what accessorizes she was in the market for, to get an idea of size and scale. She wasn't sure, but there were two pieces of décor my client was partial to. A picture of magnolias and a statue of a giraffe that sat on her mantel. We used this as a inspirational place to start and were able to find some awesome accessories for her living room. Never underestimate where one small piece of décor can take you.

The other place I like to look for is in the small or big details I fall in love with. A while back I was in Europe visiting the Eiffel Tower. While standing very close to it I looked up and saw how awesome the small details of the construction were and that sparked my creative juices.

But, don't think you have to be far away from home to get inspired. For me the color of leaves in the fall help inspire a color palette for projects. So, always be prepared for that design spark, you never know when it could hit you.

When looking for inspiration don't think to hard you will just give yourself a headache. Instead think of the décor and details that you love and go from there.

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