Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adding life to your space

So, you have gotten a start on the interior design changes around your home. Found the accessories you love. Arranged the furniture so it is perfect, but it still feels as if something is missing.

For many spaces that missing element is a plant. Having either a real or fake plant, whether it been cut flowers in a vase or a small indoor tree, it can be the finishing touch that a room needs. A plant adds a little bit of life to a space and makes it more inviting.

Now there is a fine balance when accessorizing with plants. First, choose the right plant and container for the space. If your space is contemporary in style and you choose a more country flower, such as a sunflower, it will take away from the harmony of the space. Second, don't over do it. Make sure not to put to many plants in your space, otherwise it will have the opposite effect that you want.

If you are wanting ideas of what plants and containers to use, a place to start is by looking at design magazines and websites. Many of the pictures I have posted in past entries give some great examples of kinds of plants and containers you can use to accessorize.

Also check out these other design magazines. Southern Accents, Country Living, and House Beautiful. Many of there home pages have pictures that plant accessories in a designer space. Also, check out other articles on the sites and you will find a plethora of examples.

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